Wednesday, 26 September 2012

C.O.O.L and C.U.T.E

Boys should be cool in every moment.
Girls should be cute in every moment
As a man , please be cool to settle any problem that you face.
Cool doesn't means you are show off
Act as COOL is SHOW OFF!!
So, never to show off.

Boys like to be cool in front of girls
girls, do you think boys like to act as coolest person in front of you?
Hahaha . . 
The answer is Yes
How dare you girls...
But ...
How about girls like to act as CUTEST person in the world . . 
I saw everyday . . 
Sorry girls . . . 
Cute show on your action , attitude , and the way you are
Cute come from your naturalistic.
Please be natural on yourself girls.
Love You All.
Okay got it!!

Boys with their COOL
Girls with their CUTE

Hahaha . . .
So girls, please act wisely as everybody are looking towards on you .
And Boys, please be cool but not act as COOL


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