Sunday, 23 September 2012


This is about me and my family.
I am LaN.
I am born on 17th February 1993 and today I am 19 years old.
My family is just a normal family, sometimes it is sorrow,
it is in happiness, it is in enjoyable.
Learn to be a leader.

My IBU is much great person in my life.
I am always need my mother.
She always heard and knew what my heart feel.
I love to eat her cook.
The most is " ayam masak rendang"
Me also love to cook with her.
(no girls in my house)
(Familiar name : TIM)

Continue with My AYAH . . .
MY ayah is such the most best person and the person never forgot me.
Even if i am long time no call trough the phone.
So he will.
(what a such bad son??)(ME)
He is hard-working person.
Everything He can do.
I try to be like him.
His Thought is futuristics and always advice me to the best man.
(Familiar Name : ALBO)

Okay now with my younger brother and the only one I have.
Familiar with DF.
2 years younger than me.
Gadgets Guy.
( laa sangat :P )
Still in school and busy with his SPM
Person that me always fighting.
Always he is the winner.
(mengalah untuk adik kan)


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